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Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease and is characterized by a decrease in bone mass in the person's body and a decrease in the microarchitecture of the bone. Osteoporotic fractures begin to occur most commonly in the backbone ( vertebra ), hip joint bone ( femur neck and head) and wrist bone . Although the probabilities of these risks vary by country , more than 50% of women over the age of 50 are at risk of bone fractures. Fractures carry ... Details
Although many women prefer normal delivry to give birth to their babies, and meanwhile obstetricians create supportive conditions for the expectant mother for normal birth, in some cases, cesarean delivery can be recommended. Of course, it is normal for the expectant mother to feel comfortable and want the healthiest solutions for herself during the process of making this decision. However, it is important for the obstetrician reassure the expec... Details
Myomas (fibroids) are abnormal muscle growths that occur in the uterus wall . It is the most common type of benign tumor in women. They can be recognised as solid round shape tumors and can be located in different areas within the uterus. Another name for the fibroids is uterine lumps. Although there is no complete consensus as to the cause, it is shown to occur largely due to estrogen hormone sensitivity and hereditary reasons . Therefore, it i... Details
Why is Nutrition Important During Pregnancy? Proper nutrition is extremely important for the health of mother and baby. Nutrition during pregnancy is not a different type of nutrition from the daily healthy nutrition routine. Although pregnancy is not the freedom to eat all kinds of foods, it is a period that requires healthy nutrition and higher calories. It is extremely important for the physical and mental development of the baby in the womb.... Details
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